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Press Release


“….an album of inspired playing, by turns thoughtful and wild, its emotions running deep, and its rewards plentiful.” Nick West (Bucketful of Brains) - full press release


All At Sea

"On this recording there are elements of country, a frequent country rock feel, obviously bluegrass, an occasional folksy edge, but there is never anything predictable, with plenty of variations in tempos, with often current themes, always with a distinctive edginess, depth and dynamism that few other bands playing in similar generic fields can ever hope to match."  American Roots UK
full review

Not Before Time

“…the many tentacled Foghorn Leghorn play with an elasticity and vim like they were born Appalachian. Breakneck dobro, mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitar bubble and burble as fiddle and harmonica saw and wheeze, while humour is never far from the lips…” Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine – Roots’ Album of the month, Sept 2013 - full review


“…admirably, unabashedly niche and a winning testament to the skills of a band that has honed its craft over two decades of hard gigging. Aficionados of bluegrass, Americana and old-fashioned country will revel in the virtuoso musicality and the deft lyrics.” Cila Warncke, PennyBlack Music - full review


“This tremendous band are another great addition to that ever increasing list of bands that given a chance could attain huge credibility on the other side of the Atlantic.” - full review


“It’s hard not to remember these guys; with a name that rolls off the tongue, marvellous musicianship and melodies and arrangements that leave a long-lasting impression…why would you not want to? Go get this highly praised third release and you’ll know what I’m talking about.” Emily Saxton, Maverick Magazine - full review


“There must have been some special nights at The Betsey Trotwood during the conception of this welcome addition to the UK Americana scene… There is a sure need for some of the more urban areas of Britain to re-connect with the true values of music and this album by Foghorn Leghorn will play its part.” Three Chords & The Truth - full review

"Musically it is completely mustache…." Hugo Vogel, Altcountry.NL.htm (via Google translate!)

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